An important thing for us is to always bring you new content


We added the Elver map where you can play with your friends and have fun, what are you waiting for?

  • IP:
  • PORT: 27015
in these new server you can play freely and experience the Vyplex experience, do not forget to say your opinions in our discord or by email


We have created a new, more up-to-date store with better designs and payment algorithms to make the payment system easier for our customers. Stay tuned for our future promotions and raffles that we will do on Vyplex Network.

You can tell us your opinion in discord or by email, all opinions will be well received


One of the most important things for us is to have good communication with our users, in our new discord you can find many channels to talk, you can also use our new ticket system to report anything or be able to talk directly with us, in our discord you can meet new friends and play in duo with someone in vyplex!

You can follow us on our social networks to find out about all the new updates and improvements to the server